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NEW: Build a Course and Student Direct Pay

We now have a Student Direct Pay option in which your students pay DRRC directly. After logging in, select Build a Course to get started. You will be able to choose exercises, assign roles to students, assign students to groups using the built-in Group Assigner, and deliver materials to students via email. Video tutorials on how to use this feature are located here:


Our Newest Exercises:

Albion Basin
Kukui Nuts
Lost in Translation

Management Retreat
More Growth for Tonto
Panda Negotiation
Salary Negotiation - Undergraduate Version
Securing Our Society
Speed Ventures
Sweet Shop
Three Rivers Hospital
Tor Task Force
Who Lives?


How do I get access to your exercises?
Use the Sign Up link on the left side of this page to register. In order to protect the integrity of our exercises and ensure a quality learning experience for your students, we limit access to our exercises to instructors and consultants and their administrators. 

I've signed up. What's next?
Your account needs to be approved. This is generally done by the next business day. You will receive an email when your account has been approved. Then you will be able to access all of the materials on our site. 

How can I preview exercises before purchasing them?
Find the exercise you are interested in previewing from the A-Z list of exercises on the left side of this page. Click the ‘More Information’ link. From the next page, you will be able to purchase the roles to that exercise, as well as download the free Instructor Packet, which contains the roles and teaching notes to that exercise.

What’s in the Instructor Packet?
It depends on the exercise. It will likely contain watermarked copies of the roles to that exercise, as well as the teaching notes that tell you how to run and debrief the exercise. Some also contain PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets, and other supplemental materials useful in running the exercise.

I see that sometimes not all of the roles to an exercise are listed for purchase. For example, Carter Racing has parts A&B but not C. Why is that?
Certain exercises require documents to be handed out by the instructor. Generally, the only items to be purchased are those materials that are given to students at the start of the exercise. In the case of Carter Racing, students need parts A&B to begin, but part C should be distributed later by the instructor. These other documents will be included in the Instructor Packet for that exercise.

I paid with a credit card. How do I get the exercises I bought?
You will receive an email with your purchased roles attached in a ZIP file. You may also access your purchase from the ‘My PDFs’ page on this site. 

Is there another payment option besides credit card?
Approved institutions may pay with an official Purchase Order from their institution, to be followed at a later date with payment by check. Place the order as you normally would and select the “Purchase Order” option at checkout. You will be able to download your invoice, to be submitted to us with the official Purchase Order from your institution. Upon receipt of your Purchase Order, your order will be emailed to you. 

How do I view the PDFs I purchased?
Save the ZIP file of your purchase to your computer. Upon opening the ZIP file, you will see the PDFs you purchased. Please note: You have purchased a limited number of copies of each role, to be printed or distributed electronically in a quantity up to the amount you purchased. If you distribute your PDFs to students electronically, each time a PDF of that role is opened on a different computer, the number of available quantities of that role is deducted by one. Be sure to purchase a sufficient quantity of a role, but also be sure to send, save, and open the roles only on the computers desired. It is important to explain to students that they should only open their role on a single computer. 

How can I contact the DRRC?
Contact DRRC 9 am to 4 pm Central Time
Email: drrc[at]
Phone: 847-491-8068
Fax: 847-467-5700

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