You will no longer be available to make purchases or create new student pay courses after June 15th. Please register at our new site and your account will be approved. The student pay portal on is active.
NOTICE: Please visit the newly redesigned DRRC Negotiation Teaching Materials site at You will be able to purchase exercises, set up a Student Pay Course, and use our Group Assigner software.
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I. Access to
Creating an account is free for instructors, consultants, and their staff. All accounts do require approval and you may be asked for additional information. Be sure to list your institution when signing up. Approval can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email once your account has been approved.
II. Finding Exercises
Exercises are listed in subgroups on the left side of the page as well as on the A-Z list of all exercises. Each exercise has a free Instructor Packet, which contains a preview copy of the exercise, teaching notes, and any supplemental information. Several exercises have different versions. Consult the teaching notes in the Instructor Packet to be sure you order the correct version.
III. How to buy your exercises
Add exercises to your cart in the quantity needed (one role at a time). You can continue shopping or click "view cart" to check out. We highly recommend placing individual orders for each separate course. Payment options include Credit Card, Purchase Order, and Student Direct Pay (listed below). A Credit Card payment delivers your order to you via email immediately upon completion of purchase. With the Purchase Order option, your order is held until we receive either payment or official authorization from your institution, usually in the form of a purchase order. Your order is then sent to you via email. The purchase order option can be attractive if you prefer to defer payment or send payment via your school or bookstore.
IV. NEW: Build a Course and Student Direct Pay
We now have a Student Direct Pay option in which your students pay DRRC directly. After logging in, select Build a Course to get started. You will be able to choose exercises, assign roles to students, assign students to groups using the built-in Group Assigner, and deliver materials to students via email. Video tutorials on how to use this feature are located here:
Important: This option is only available to instructors whose students will be paying with a credit card. No other payment options are available. There is a $10 administrative surcharge per student per course to use Student Direct Pay.
V. Sample scenarios
1. Using your school bookstore. 
Order the exercises you need and choose Purchase Order for payment. Submit the PDF invoice to your bookstore with instructions for the bookstore to submit a purchase order to DRRC. Upon receipt of that purchase order, DRRC will send you your order. Instruct your students that a requirement for the course is to pay the bookstore for the exercises. The students will pay the bookstore and the bookstore will give the students a receipt, which they will then show you so that you know they have made the necessary payment and are approved to participate in the exercises. The bookstore will then remit payment to DRRC. 
2. Using a custom publisher.
Similar to the bookstore scenario, you can order the exercises you need through this website and choose Purchase Order for payment. Submit the PDF invoice to the custom publisher with instructions for the custom publisher to submit a purchase order to DRRC. Upon receipt of that purchase order, DRRC will send you your order. Students will pay the custom publisher the required fee for the exercises and the custom publisher will remit payment to DRRC.
3. Individual payments from students.
If your school only accepts individual payments from students, such as a check or money order from each student, a single payment must be sent to DRRC. We can only accept individual payments from students through our new Student Direct Pay option listed above.
4. Orders placed by staff person.
The staff person ordering on behalf of an instructor can do so under either the instructor’s or his/her own account. The important thing to keep in mind is that individual orders should be placed for each course, to lessen the likelihood of confusion if this staff person is ordering exercises for several courses and instructors.
VI. PDFs and security
DRRC exercises are delivered via email as PDFs contained in a zip file. Be sure to save the PDFs to your computer before opening them. Do not open them from the email. The PDFs must be viewed using Adobe Reader. DRRC exercises are protected by copyright law. Your purchase authorizes you to print a number of copies or distribute to a number of students equal to the quantity purchased.
For any questions, please contact us at drrc[at]   
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