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DRRC’s negotiationteamwork, and decision making exercises are available electronically.  Authorized users (teachers, instructors, professors, and consultants and their staff) can review, order, and deliver exercises electronically to students.  DRRC’s exercises are appropriate for training undergraduate students in management, political science, communication studies, and psychology. The exercises are also appropriate for graduate students in law and management as well as public administration, and engineering (project management).  PhD courses use DRRC's exercises to illustrate the cognitive and behavioral dynamics underlying the theory and research in these areas.


You can browse DRRC's negotiation, teamwork, and decision making exercises by topic. If you wish to review one or more exercises in detail, you need to sign up to become an authorized user.  Once authorized, you can download the free Instructor’s Package associated with each exercise.  These Instructor’s Packages contain watermarked roles, extensive teaching notes, and a variety of other supporting materials like debrief PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets for computing results.

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